Nguyen Hoai Bac, Nguyen Cao Thang, Hoang Long

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The objective was to evaluate the relation between varicocele and sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI) in infertile men. Materials and methods:  A controlled observational study recruited 205 patients who sought medical consultation at Hanoi Medical University Hospital. One-hundred and forty-two men were diagnosed with male infertility who had unilateral varicocele belonged to the varicocele group and 63 men with normal reproductive health belonged to the control group. Results: The mean DFI was significantly higher in the varicocele group compared with the control group (31.8 ± 18.8% compared with 22.6 ± 10.6%,with p < 0.01). The statistical difference in the percentage of severe DFI (  30%) between the two groups was recognized in this study (45.8% in the varicocele group compared with 20.6% in the control group, with p < 0.03). Some factors which were found to increase the level of DFI were age and infertility duration in patients with varicocele. However, there was no difference in the level of DFI among the three groups of varicocele grade. Conclusion: Varicocele has negative effects on sperm DFI. Therefore, varicocele should be treated early in infertile men, disregarding the grade of varicocele.

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Varicocele, semen analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation, DFI

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