7. Reproductive/developmental toxicity screening test of kovir capsules in mice

Pham Thi Van Anh, Dau Thuy Duong, Nguyen Huu Thang, Nguyen Thi Huong Lien, Nguyen Minh Duc, Mai Phuong Thanh

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The present study was performed to gather information on the effects of Kovir capsules on reproductive and developmental parameters in mice according to the OECD guideline for reproductive/developmental toxicity screening test. The test item was administered orally at dose levels of 1.44 and 2.16 capsules/kg body weight/day to male mice from 2 weeks before mating to the end of the 14-day mating period and females from 2 weeks before mating, during mating, gestation, and until the 13th day of lactation. During the study period, clinical signs, body weight, relative organ weight, reproductive and littering results, necropsy results, and histopathological examination of the testicles were examined. No significant differences existed between the relative organ weights of exposed and unexposed males after the 4-week exposure. Photomicrographs of the testis of treated males did not display marked damage compared with untreated males. There were also no treatment-related effects of Kovir on pregnancy rates, the number of implantations, and the live fetuses of females. These results suggested that Kovir capsules at both test doses did not induce reproductive hazards in mature male and female animals. The effects of Kovir on the mean litter size, postnatal mortality, and appearance of developmental markers in pups were not identified.

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