Analgesic activity of Phong Thap Dan tablets in animal models

Le Thi Nhat Ngoc, Le Thanh Xuan, Nguyen Van Phuc, Tran Quang Minh, Vu Viet Hang, Pham Thi Van Anh, Dau Thuy Duong

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Phong thap dan tablets are intended to treat low back pain. This study was carried out to evaluate the
analgesic effects of Phong thap dan tablets in experimental animals. The analgesic effects were evaluated in
three animal models: hot plate, mechanical stimulation and acetic acid-induced writhing test. Mice were divided
into 4 groups given oral water, control drug (codein phosphate in hot plate and mechanical stimulation tests or
aspirin in writhing test), Phong thap dan at 2.88 tablets (1.44 g) or 8.64 tablets (4.32 g)/kg b.w/day, respectively.
Our results showed that Phong thap dan tablets at both doses increased the reaction time to thermal stimulation,
increased the paw withdrawal latency and the force required to elicit a paw withdrawal and decreased the
number of acetic acid-induced writhing movements in mice. There was no statistically significant difference
between 2 doses of Phong thap dan tablets in three animal models. We conclude that Phong thap dan tablets
at the doses of 2.88 tablets and 8.64 tablets/kg b.w/day showed significant analgesic effect in animal models.

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