Effects of Hamo NK hard capsule on experimental atherosclerosis model

Pham Thuy Phuong, Pham Thi Van Anh, Dang Thi Thu Hien, Nguyen Trong Thong, Pham Quoc Binh

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This study evaluated the effects of Hamo NK hard capsule on athresclerosis using experimental atherosclerosis model. NewZealand White rabbits were fed a high-fat diet (HFD) containing cholesterol and peanut oil. The animals received oral administration of HFD and Hamo NK hard capsule at two doses of 0.126 and 0.378 g/kg bw/day for 8 consecutive weeks. Blood samples were collected for analyis of biochemical parameters at before treatment, week 4 and week 8. Histopathology assessments of the aortic artery and liver were carried out at the end of the experiment. Hamo NK was effective in reducing serum triglyceride level after 8 weeks of the experiment. In addition, Hamo NK at two doses of 0.126 g/kg b.w and 0.378 g/kg b.w for 8 consecutive weeks did not affect the cholesterol, LDL-C and HDL-C concentrations induced by a HFD. Hamo NK at the dose of 0.126 g/kg bw/day was not only able to decrease significant aortic surface lesions but also capable of managing atherosclerosis plaques formation in aorta; whereas theses activities were not notiaceable at the dose of 0.378 g/kg b.w.

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